[Moin-user] How to embed links to files, rather than the files themselves?

Matthew Wilson matt at overlook.homelinux.net
Wed Oct 20 08:07:35 EDT 2004

My office uses moin to track a bunch of files like spreadsheets and
SAS programs, which we have been uploading to the Linux server that runs
moinmoin.  I've been asked/told to come up with a way to to provide a
link to files on our file server instead.


server harmonix runs the wiki.

server metrix has the file /hds1/123files/hds/TAPELOG.XLS that I'd like
to add a link to.

harmonix has /hds1 mounted locally as well.

The below excerpt shows me logged in to harmonix and in the directory
with the spreadsheet.

    [mwilson at harmonix 4.24] /hds1/123files/hds
    [0]> ll TAPELOG.XLS
    -rw-rw-r--    1 jburden  users     2523136 Oct 20 10:45 TAPELOG.XLS

    [0]> df -h | grep hds1
    metrix:/hds1          139G   50G   82G  38% /hds1

I've tried all of the following without success:

[file://metrix/hds1/123files/hds/TAPELOG.XLS tapelog]
[file://harmonix/hds1/123files/hds/TAPELOG.XLS tapelog]
[file://localhost/hds1/123files/hds/TAPELOG.XLS tapelog]
[file://hds1/123files/hds/TAPELOG.XLS tapelog]

All help is welcome.  Thanks in advance!


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