[Moin-user] How best to do FAQs

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at dev.intechnology.co.uk
Wed Oct 20 09:26:28 EDT 2004

I'm moving a load of the exim stuff into a moin wiki - see
http://www.exim.org & http://www.exim.org/eximwiki (not linked in at
present since we're still playing).

One of the things I want to move into the wiki are the FAQs - which are
long and extensive - see 

It would be relatively simple to duplicate the current structure by
having one (sub) page per section, making each question be a section
header, each answer the body text below the heading, and using a
[[TableOfContents]] to give a local index.

I think it might well be nicer to have one (sub) page per Q&A, however I
then need to have links to each Q&A page, and I really want those to be
automatically updated.  I guess I can make the page title be the
question (some of these questions are *long*), and build a macro based
on [[Navigation(children)]] to produce the TOC (it would need a better
output format - maybe a bulletted list).  Alternatively I guess I could
do somethings based on the [[Include]] macro - except that currently
explodes on me every time I attempt to use it for outputting titles -
and it won't give me links back to the original pages.

Any good suggestions?
Any good examples people can point me to?

And a final point.  I have the initial FAQ source in a marked up source
file.  It would be fairly simple to use scripting to convert this in
bulk to moin markup and split into appropriate page names.  Is there
some way I can move a pile of appropriately named files into the wiki
tree to make the initial load of information much much faster?

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