[Moin-user] Re: [Moin-user] Re: How to embed links to files, rather than the files themselves?

service at metamodul.com service at metamodul.com
Wed Oct 20 11:57:03 EDT 2004

Matthew Wilson <matt at overlook.homelinux.net> schrieb am 20.10.2004,

> > Make it available on a web server, and link to it that way. 
> No can do.  Is there any way to link to a file on a file server?

If you are using IE and are able to open a file via file://name/...
means that this file is accessed via smb. So you access a MS-share. ( I
assume that you have not a nfs client runing )

Everbody on a windows-Machine with an IE and the right to access the
share will be able to retrieve the file. Unix client are not bable to

I assume 
2.1 that your wiki runs on your local windows maschine
2.1 that you have an Webserver runing on your local machine.

In this case mount the remote share localy to your machine
# net use z: \\metrix\hds1 ( to check the share use : net view \\metrix
# Configure you webserver so that this drive can be accessed by the

Now you should be able to access these files via your local webserver
and use normal web-linking in your local wiki.



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