[Moin-user] navi_bar, html macro and parser, HowTo link an external page into "mywiki"

hb) mrah at gmx.net
Thu Oct 21 10:17:51 EDT 2004


my system enviroment is a Debian Sarge Distribution with MoinMoin version 
1.2.3-1 and the questions are:

1. navi_bar

I like to put in moin_config.py the variabel navi_bar = "[!SiteDiscription, 
FrontPage NotFrontpage, ^http://moin.sf.net Moin Moin]

The syntax doesnt work, as I saw it for example under 

I know already HelpOnConfiguration, but can somebody probably provide me with 
an example moin_config.py with *all* options filled or guide me to the right 

2. html macro and parser

I downloaded the scripts from the MacroMarket and ParserMarket und copied them 
to the respective directories ../mywiki/data/plugin/macro/HTML.py 
and ../mywiki/data/plugin/parser/HTML.py The files are owned by www-data an I 
made a chmod a+r.

But I get an inline error Message saying "Raw HTML not returned because page 
is writable." So do I have to secure that specific page by AccessControlLists 
(ACL) ?

3. HowTo link an external page into "mywiki" and keeping the exiting 

I saw under MoinMoinSuccessStories a kind of solution using iframe: 
[[HTML(<iframe src="http://petrolera.xarxa.net/inscrits.php?classe=N" 
width="100%" height="600"></iframe>)]] 

But before that solutions stands Problem 2! Is there annother MoinMoin conform 
solution to that feature request?

Thanks in advance,

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