[Moin-user] Potential New User...

Michael Foord mike at pcblokes.com
Thu Oct 21 16:25:42 EDT 2004


I hope this channel is newbie friendly, but in general python is - so 
here goes. I need to set up a 'collaborative' content area of a website 
for a charity funding project I'm involved with. A Wiki seems the ideal 
format - and what could possibly be better than a python one.

My webhost offers very good support for python and is willing to install 
MoinMoin for me ( http://www.saphiresoft.co.uk if anyone is interested). 
What would be ideal is if we could set it up so that his various 
customers could all establish there own Wikis with the minimum of 
tinkering with system files each time - I guess his server is a normal 
virtual server (apache on Linux with cPanel).

Can anyone point me to a good resource on this - googling produced a 
mind boggling array of potential results and I'm sure this must have 
been addressed before.

If anyone can tell me what the issues are likely to be as well that 
would be helpful. For example I potentially would like 3 wikis of my own 
and other users may want one or more. This mustn't be a nightmare for 
the hoster to setup - oh, and we have mod_python installed.

Many TIA




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