[Moin-user] Potential New User...

Bradey Honsinger BradeyH at construx.com
Fri Oct 22 10:35:38 EDT 2004

Michael Foord wrote:
> My webhost offers very good support for python and is willing 
> to install 
> MoinMoin for me ( http://www.saphiresoft.co.uk if anyone is 
> interested). 
> What would be ideal is if we could set it up so that his various 
> customers could all establish there own Wikis with the minimum of 
> tinkering with system files each time - I guess his server is 
> a normal 
> virtual server (apache on Linux with cPanel).
> Can anyone point me to a good resource on this - googling produced a 
> mind boggling array of potential results and I'm sure this must have 
> been addressed before.

Well, I'm certainly no expert, but I've been thinking of setting up a
wiki farm on our intranet. All I can do it point you at some of the info
on the wiki; I'd suggest going to the #moin IRC channel if you don't see
what you need to know.

It looks like wiki farm configuration is changing in 1.3; see
MoinMoin:MultiConfig for the details. It looks like it's all actually
implemented (see MoinMoin:MoinMoinTodo/Release 1.3), but I'm not sure
that it's in the latest 1.3 beta. MoinMaster:HelpOnConfiguration gives
the details for 1.2.

As far as mod_python goes, I haven't done it, but there are
HelpOnInstalling/ApacheWithModPython pages on both MoinMoin and

  - Bradey

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