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Voidspace mike at pcblokes.com
Mon Oct 25 07:16:02 EDT 2004

Sorry about this. I got such a variety of answers to my last question 
that I'm only marginally less confused ;-)

Ideally I would like my hoster to only to have to do one install of 
MoinMoin and then allow users to create new Wiki instances without him 
having to fiddle with too many files to do this. I personally would like 
to be able to have three different wikis for example.

Is this possible from the current stable version ?

One of the replies (I forget who made it - very sorry) suggested that my 
hoster ought to be able to script setting up his host accounts with 
MoinMoin - but I thought that might be a whole install per user ? If 
that is the simplest way with 1.2.4 then so be it !!



If my hoster has several

Thomas Waldmann wrote:

>> It looks like wiki farm configuration is changing in 1.3; see
>> MoinMoin:MultiConfig for the details. It looks like it's all actually
>> implemented (see MoinMoin:MoinMoinTodo/Release 1.3), but I'm not sure
>> that it's in the latest 1.3 beta.
> MultiConfig works, we currently use the latest 1.3 stuff for running 
> both moinmaster and moinmoin wiki in a multiconfig setup under twisted.
> > MoinMaster:HelpOnConfiguration gives the details for 1.2.
> Not any more, we are currently rewriting/fixing the docs for 1.3 on 
> moinmaster. So if you want 1.2 infos, use your local help pages, not 
> moinmaster.
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