[Moin-user] navi_bar, html macro and parser, HowTo link an external page into "mywiki"

hb) harmbehrens at gmx.net
Tue Oct 26 03:26:15 EDT 2004


thanks for the feedback, but

> > I like to put in moin_config.py the variabel navi_bar =
> > "[!SiteDiscription, FrontPage NotFrontpage, ^http://moin.sf.net Moin
> > Moin]
> This is the syntax:
> navi_bar = [ "FrontPage", "RecentChanges", ]
> It is a list of strings.
> Forget about ^, this feature has been removed as it used deprecated html
> and that decision should be left to user anyway.

but is there annother posibility/syntax to integrate an external link in the 
"navi_bar variable"?

> Not sure what you want to achieve with !SiteDescription.

I wanted to achieve a description, without creating a link, i.e  saying 
"PetersWiki" without linking to the wiki page "PetersWiki"!?

> > 2. html macro and parser
> >
> > I downloaded the scripts from the MacroMarket and ParserMarket und copied
> > them to the respective directories ../mywiki/data/plugin/macro/HTML.py
> > and ../mywiki/data/plugin/parser/HTML.py The files are owned by www-data
> > an I made a chmod a+r.
> >
> > But I get an inline error Message saying "Raw HTML not returned because
> > page is writable." So do I have to secure that specific page by
> > AccessControlLists (ACL) ?
> Yes. Otherwise anybody could put arbitrary html exploit code onto your
> page. Maybe check the HTML macro code to see what it wants.

Meanwhile I activated ACL by adding "acl_enabled = 1" in the moin_config.py 
and put in top of the page "#acl SomeUser:read,write,admin All:read". As a 
result everybody can read the page, but only "SomeUser" is able to edit and 
change the content.

=> But I still get the inline error Message saying "Raw HTML not returned 
because page is writable." So, what else has to be done?

> > 3. HowTo link an external page into "mywiki" and keeping the exiting
> > mywiki-navigation?
> I don't understand the question.

For example my wiki can be found at www.domain.de/mywiki and I have an 
existing gallery found under www.domain.de/myimages. And I like to link the 
page www.domain.de/myimages into the wiki-page 
www.domain.de/mywiki/FotoGallery in a "frame-like-style"! Is than 

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

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