[Moin-user] navi_bar, html macro and parser, HowTo link an external page into "mywiki"

Michael P. Soulier michael_soulier at mitel.com
Tue Oct 26 05:40:03 EDT 2004

On 26/10/04 hb) did say:

> but is there annother posibility/syntax to integrate an external link in the 
> "navi_bar variable"?

They're standard Wiki links. See HelpOnLinking. 

> I wanted to achieve a description, without creating a link, i.e  saying 
> "PetersWiki" without linking to the wiki page "PetersWiki"!?

Again, see HelpOnLinking. 

> For example my wiki can be found at www.domain.de/mywiki and I have an 
> existing gallery found under www.domain.de/myimages. And I like to link the 
> page www.domain.de/myimages into the wiki-page 
> www.domain.de/mywiki/FotoGallery in a "frame-like-style"! Is than 
> unnderstandable?

You can write the wiki page in raw html using the html parser plugin.
That should give you the flexibility you require. 

Also, note that the help files explicitely state that hyperlinks to
images will be resolved to the image itself. That may be enough for you.


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