[Moin-user] 'bot to reverse scribbles/spam?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Oct 27 06:16:03 EDT 2004

Hi Skip,

> We are having ongoing problems with someone scribbling on the Python.org
> wiki.  Whoever it is (claims to be "fred lee") deletes some content and adds
> a bunch of external links to lots of other sites.

This kind of wiki spam is quite widespread recently. This is why I have 
made the antispam extension, see MoinMoin:AntiSpamGlobalSolution .

antispam is included in moin 1.2.4, but it should also work with 1.2.x.

>     * changes by particular users

Just delete his user account. Or even better: disable it, so he can't 
create a new one with that name.

>     * changes containing certain suspect patterns

This is what antispam.py does.

>     * changes from certain ip address ranges

Doesn't really help.


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