[Moin-user] Twisted with multiple wiki

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Oct 29 09:09:00 EDT 2004

> I have succeed with one wiki with twisted. How can I
> make a wiki farm with Twisted?

Easiest is maybe to use 1.3 devel version (if you are brave enough :).

I hope there will be a beta3 release of it soon. Release expected end of 
the year.

We have made some more support for wiki farms in 1.3 (and if you want to 
run twisted, multiple wikis on same IP won't work with moin 1.2.x, you 
could only run multiple wikis with multiple twisteds on multiple IPs 
with 1.2.x).

> Is twisted the fastest?

I think it depends. IIRC Oliver Graf found fastcgi faster with some 
benchmarks, OTOH it used more CPU (and *BOTH* CPUs as he was testing on 
SMP, one twisted process doesn't fork and thus doesnt use more than 1 
CPU for all sites it serves).

But both are much faster than running std CGI.

mod_python should also be quite fast, but maybe has security problems 
(runs under web server uid/gid) and is less tested.

standalone is intended for personal wikis only, as it is single-threaded 

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