[Moin-user] sharing accounts between two wikis

Jordan Johnson jorjohns at cs.indiana.edu
Fri Oct 29 15:20:10 EDT 2004

On Friday, October 29, 2004, at 11:43  AM, Michael P. Soulier wrote:
>> Is there a way I could share teacher accounts between two wiki
>> instances, so that the same person can log onto either one?  Or would 
>> I
>> likely be better off putting something together with ACLs and using
>> only one wiki instance?
> You should easily be able to configure access controls using ACLs.
> Make a TeacherGroup, and put the teacher user accounts in it, giving it
> the appropriate powers.

OK, that's encouraging; I'd already gotten that far.  Here's a more 
pointed question about where I'm thinking of going, then:

Is it possible to have the default ACLs for one set of pages be 
different from those of another?  Something like a template?  Thing is, 
I suspect that the other teachers will find it to be too much trouble 
if they have to deal with setting ACLs themselves (not something I want 
while trying to convince them that this shiny new technology is a Good 
Thing).  Also, I don't want to have to manually set the ACL for any new 
page a teacher creates, and I don't want a privacy-crucial ACL line to 
be deleted accidentally.

It seems to me that this last requirement could be assured by disabling 
admin privilege for the teachers, but that would basically be 
equivalent to forcing me to set all ACLs manually, right?  (Meaning 
that the only solution would be to teach the other teachers how to set 
ACLs themselves?)

This was the train of thought that led me to considering a second wiki 
instance...I'm just looking for the way to do this with minimal admin 
headache-inducement potential...


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