[Moin-user] User registration query

Trog trog at trogwoolley.com
Sat Oct 30 03:57:32 EDT 2004

We are currently implementing the fine MoinMoin wiki on our website
(www.ballet.co.uk). On our website we run some forum software that
requires registration by users. We would like to add into this the
feature so that when a user registers for the forum, they are also
automatically registered for MoinMoin. I can easily modify the forum
software to update the necessary files with MoinMoin, but I cannot
identify exactly what need to be done, so I am seeking your advice.

The forum software is written in Perl so I need to develop a Perl
routine to slot into this, to update the necessary MoinMoin files.

Specifically: 1. Each registered user has their details stored in a file
within the directory ~/wiki-name/data/user. The file name is a 'magic
number', held as a group of three digits, separated by full stops, in
the format "nnnnnnnnn.nn.nnnnn" Can you please tell me how these numbers
are generated; I assume it is some hash algorithm applied to the users

2. Within each users record, their password is stored in an encrypted
format, identified by a line enc_password= I assume that this password
is encrypted using the SHA library. Is this the case?

3. With the directory ~/wiki-name/data/user is a file userdict.pickle
which contains the user ids. There appears to be four lines per user,
namely :

S'<the magic number>'

where "n" is a sequential number from 1 onwards. The file has the string
'(dp0' as the first line and the first user does not have the "s" as the
leading character on the line holding the UserName. The final line in
the file is 's.' I assume it simply a matter of adding new users to this
file in this format as the file appears to be ASCII.

I hope that I have made myself clear

Kind Regards
Trog Woolley  |  trog at trogwoolley dot com
(A Croweater back residing in Pommie Land with Linux)
Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna

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