[Moin-user] Customization

Oliver Hofmann o.hofmann at smail.uni-koeln.de
Mon Sep 6 01:32:06 EDT 2004


Having just installed my first MoinMoin -- which worked flawlessly 
thanks to the excellent documentation -- I'm now fiddling with the 
details. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find similar help pages for this 
part, but noticed two related posts in the mailing list archives which 
went unanswered:

  How do I change common footer that shows on every page (the part that
  doesn"t change)?

... and...

  Not very often but sometimes I"d like more control over formatting.  Is
  there some way I could embed html code like this for instance:

  <div style="border:1px solid green;padding:1em;">
  blah blah blah

  into a wiki page?

For the first part, do I really have to tinker with the actual python 
code that generates the templates? Regarding the second question, this 
is something I loved about Instiki: The ability to simply include 
HTML/CSS into the actual text.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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