[Moin-user] virtual wiki

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Sep 6 08:28:03 EDT 2004

> 	does moinmoin support the funda of virtual wiki, ie say one can have
> separate wiki domains running within the same wiki server, say one each
> for separate project. the main benefit of this is that the links with
> the same value in two different projects do not class. the same benefit
> that namespaces provide.

moin up to 1.2.x can only offer a wiki farm to do such stuff. This means 
you have one moin code installation and multiple data dirs and multiple 
configs (they may all import some farmconfig with the common stuff) and 
cgi scripts. Using twisted, you can run 1 wiki per IP/port/twisted 
process only.

moin 1.3 (which is currently still under development, to be released 
about 12/2004) will offer also the possibility of having one cgi or one 
twisted process, one config and run multiple wikis on the same IP/port 
with it (still using multiple data dirs, though). It also has class 
based configuration, making farm configs easier.

We are currently thinking of maybe doing namespaces within moin, but as 
thing are not quite clear yet how to integrate this all, this might 
rather be 1.4 or later,

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