[Moin-user] how to copy a page?

Alexis Huxley ahuxley at gmx.net
Sat Sep 11 04:51:15 EDT 2004

The short version: 

Is there a Moin-ish/Wiki-ish way to *copy* an existing page?

The long version:

I'm using a moin wiki as a bug tracking database, and
am basing the mechanism used on the same one used at

Bug reports specify three categories to which they belong (CategoryBug,
CategoryBug/StateIs<bugstate>, CategoryBug/ModuleIs<modulename>).
I can then close bugs, reassign them to different modules, etc, just
by editing the page and changing the categories listed at the bottom
of the page.

Both the Moin page at the URL above and my bugs page make link to pages
which list the bugs which are in a particular state. They do this,
not using WikiWords to explicitly list them, but by leading to a
Category page, which in turn uses a FullSearch() macro. E.g. the page
CategoryBug/StateIsIncoming uses this:


The advantage of this is that the pages listing the bugs by state
or by module name never need updating. If a bug changes state or is
reassigned to a different module, or is created, then there is only
one page which needs changing and that is the page *describing* the
bug; the pages which *list* all the bugs which have been closed or
are for module 'foo' do not need updating.

It works well. Except ...

What I don't like, and the Moin page doesn't seem to handle very well
either, is the instructions for submitting a new bug.  Mine are these
(they are on the Bugs page):

      1) In the URL slot of your browser, append to the current URL
      2) Base the new bug page on the Bugs/Template template!

      3) Edit the new bug report (there are comments in the template 
         to help you do this).

      4) Be sure to update the 'Category/ModuleIsXXXXXX' category
         specification at the bottom of the page.

      5) Save the page.

Well, instruction (1) is the problem. What I would really like
to say is a way to specify the name of a new page which does not
involve either first mentioning it on a 'parent' page, and does not
involve typing slightly cryptic URLs into the browser. If there were
a CopyPage action that would be perfect, but there isn't.

Has anybody got any ideas? Thanks for reading all the way down to
here :-)

ahuxley at gmx.net

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