[Moin-user] Re: how to copy a page?

Alexis Huxley ahuxley at gmx.net
Sun Sep 12 00:16:02 EDT 2004

> If you have a page called "CreateNewBug", you can use an Action/Macro 
> like the one I posted a while ago to display an entry form on the 
> CreateNewBug page.  Submitting that form then creates a new page and you 
> get redirected to it.  I'm re-attaching my Action/Macro for your review.

Thanks very much for that, that is exactly what I need! I've not
managed to install it (or even the tiny 'MacroName' example on
http://tinyurl.com/4k3n2) :-( So I need to do some experimenting and
get back to you.

I googled for Ticket.py but didn't find anything (well, two pages
that were something else). Can I ask where you posted it to? To
this list? Is there any official site somewhere? (This is just for
scenarios :-)

(I get that [[MacroName(...)]] is not expanded with
a page, same with [[Ticket()]]. The .py files are in
.../NameOfMyWiki/data/plugin/macro. If I put them in the sibling
action directory then the actions appear at the bottom of each page
but result in 'Unknown action' page. I can't even grep that string
out of the moin sources, so I'm I bit confused ...)


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