[Moin-user] Custom theme problem

Ellen Herzfeld xlii at xlii.org
Tue Sep 14 11:32:02 EDT 2004

I wish to use a custom theme for my wiki. It is, for now, just a copy 
of rightsidebar.py with another name (mytheme.py) and a different css 

I put the stylesheet in moin/htdocs/mytheme/css/ and the copy of 
rightsidebar.py renamed to mytheme.py in 
moin/mywiki/data/plugin/theme . Of course I also changed the name in 
the Theme class.

This does not work. The file mytheme.py seems to be found because I 
get a .pyc if I activate the theme in the user preferences, but the 
classic theme is what I see.

If I put the file mytheme.py in MoinMoin/theme/, then it works fine. 
I suppose I could leave it at that, but if I read the docs correctly, 
the right place to put a custom theme is in 
moin/mywiki/data/plugin/theme .

What seems strange to me is that in the place where it works, no .pyc 
is generated.

What am I doing wrong?


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Ellen C. Herzfeld - Dominique O. Martel

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