[Moin-user] Theme stuff, detecting known users

Andrew Premdas Andrew.Premdas at man.ac.uk
Wed Sep 15 07:26:07 EDT 2004

Sorry, accidentally posted message before it was finished, with all stuff
from another message, my apologies. My full message is below
Hi I have a theme that I would like to turn on and off various parts of the
user interface for people who are known/not known to the site. Is this
possible? In particular I would like to change 

availableactions(self, d):
	html = []
      if knownUser
	 	html.append('<div class="sidetitle">%s</div>\n' %
   	 	html.append('<div class="Invisible">%s</div>\n' %
Yeh, I know its not accurate, but you get the idea I hope. Anyhow if anyone
could provide a little snippet of python to do this I would really
appreciate it.

By the way I'm not a python programmer, so I would really appreciate a
working code snippet rather than just access variable x in blah. 



Andrew Premdas
Student Systems Developer
Manchester University

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