[Moin-user] Listing attachments on a page

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at dev.intechnology.co.uk
Wed Sep 22 01:46:08 EDT 2004

Is there a macro or similar which can be used to give a list of
attachments on a page?

ie what I want is the ability to put something like
[[ListOfAttachments]] and get a list of all attachments to this page.
This would enable us to add that to a Template for the page and not
confuse people so much when they add attachments (at least for those

On a similar note, a list of pages that link to this one could be useful
- I can fake it at present.  The reason is that we are trying to use a
wiki as a workflow mechanism for a theatre - I have a page for each show
and the show info includes the stage managers and other crew.  I can
then put on FredBloggs home page a [[FullSearch(FredBloggs)]] which
shows pages which include him.  A shorter form, and even better a way of
filtering (skip shows from last year - which are under a particular year
set) would be nice...


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