[Moin-user] Appropriate way to use Moin

Pascal Bauermeister pascal.bauermeister at hispeed.ch
Sat Apr 2 11:36:13 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 17:48 +0100, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> Hi,
> We currently use Moin to keep organisational information for a theatre
> backstage crew.  I'd like to describe one aspect of what we're doing and
> see if anyone can suggest a better way of doing it... (which could
> potentially be a suggestion that we're using the wrong sort of hammer
> for driving our screws).
> We have a table of upcoming theatre shows - this is actually a page per
> year that uses [[Include...]] macros to stack up the per-month pages for
> the year.
> Each month page has a table of shows in that month - this contains:-
>       * Company - a wiki link to the presenting company show page
>       * Show - a wiki link to a subpage with the information for this
>         show
>       * Dates
>       * Stage Manager
>       * Assistant Stage Manager
> All of this information is also on the per-show page, along with much
> much more.  However we are currently keeping the per-show data and the
> excerpt of it on the per-month page in sync manually, which is obviously
> both time consuming and error prone.

It's good to want a solution to *not* do manual sync! :-)

> Can anyone point me to an existing method for extracting a batch of
> field data out of a bunch of subpages and populating a table with them?
> If not, would writing a custom macro appear to be a reasonable approach
> to this?
> The thing that worries me is that we could end up with a serious
> performance problem - currently the year page (which is how most people
> go into this) already includes 11 month subpages (we're closed in
> August).  If each month page hits another n subpages then things might
> break...

Could it be of any help ?

This macro was *not* meant to deal with tabular information, so maybe
the source pages have to be adapted. Or if you have a suggestion that
could make this macro help you better, just suggest...


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