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Nathan Lee Reynolds (yibble) yibble at yibble.org
Tue Apr 5 01:29:28 EDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 22:41 -0600, Matthew Miller wrote:
> Is there a way to link an image (not imagemap, just one link for the
> whole image)?  In particular, I need to be able to put a condensed image
> on the page but would like to have the image itself serve as a link to a
> larger version.  Possible?
> I'd like to include a form on one page; this would consist of rows of
> checkboxes, each column with a separate label and each row being a
> computer-name record.  What's the best way to do this?
> TIA,
> Matthew C. Miller        Managed Services Team
> mcm at kolkidos.com         Kolkidos, Inc.
> 208/344.0050             www.kolkidos.com
-- snip--

If you mean like a thumbnail, I have an example of a macro ported from
the daviswiki.org project on my wiki, <http://wiki.druidnetwork.org/>

Thumbnail specific instructions from daviswiki.org are here,

Current source repository for daviswiki.org, here:

I've managed to successfully port the Thumbnail functionality,
Commenting on articles, and the Events Board system, although I'm having
a hell of a time getting unicode into that :)

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