[Moin-user] Re: Re: ImportError: cannot import name cgimain

Alexander Schremmer 2005a at usenet.alexanderweb.de
Sat Apr 16 03:45:44 EDT 2005

On Sat, 16 Apr 2005 06:39:39 -0400, J. Wren Hunt wrote:

>>>Short question: Where/how do I locate cgimain?

>> You don't need to, just replace the .cgi file with a newer one (no idea
>> where the package put it).

> Thanks Alexander for the tip - unfortunately I'm not much of a Python 
> guy and don't know what to replace the cgimain reference with.

You don't need to edit the file or replace a reference - just use the new
moin.cgi file. Either search it locally or download the official package.

> My impulse is to manually install MoinMoin and use it that way but in 
> the back of my mind I'm curious/leery of what the Debian package did or 
> didn't do correctly.

I think it didn't do anything wrong besides having not enough
documentation. It cannot replace the moin.cgi file because the path where
it lies is not controlled by the .deb.

Kind regards,

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