[Moin-user] "data_dir" does not exists at "...", or has incorrect ownership and permissions.

Kevin Prichard kevin3prichard at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 18 10:36:13 EDT 2005


I'm setting up MoinMoin on Apache 2.0.52 under FC3.  I was spinning my wheels
against this error:

** "data_dir" does not exists at "/home/www/default/wikidata/", or has
incorrect ownership and permissions.  **

The directory existed, the ownership was indeed apache.apache, the
permissions I tried everything: rwxr-xr-x, rwxrwxr-x, rwxrwxrwx - nothing

Then I realized that, despite what the error message said, MoinMoin must be
looking elsewhere.  And indeed, it was looking in the /usr/share/moin
installation directory, which I discovered through trial-and-error.

This should be more clearly outlined in the docs, because it is not obvious
(to myself anyway.)  In farmconfig.py, it even says "If you encounter
problems, try to set data_dir and data_underlay_dir to absolute paths."

So I did, but apparently these are not respected unless found under the
installation directory?  Or, maybe they need to contain all the stuff found
underneath the installation directory's "./data"?  This was a bit
frustrating.  Same experience applied to data_underlay_dir.

I'd like to ease the pain for others - How would I go about contributing to
the project documentation changes of this kind?  Via CVS?

Kind regards,

Kevin Prichard

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