[Moin-user] inexplicably(?) slow with CGI on Mac OS X

greg gregwh at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 08:12:45 EDT 2005


Thanks for the help.  I tried the standalone server on Mac OS X (I
don't have root and will have to wait for the sysadmin to try the
others).  I get a much more respectable 4.73 reqs/per sec with
standalone, which is about half of my home box speed (9.47 reqs/sec). 
This is much more in line with what I expected.  It looks like os x,
apache, and cgi are a bad mix (at least for MoinMoin).  I added some
to the MoinMoin benchmarks to the benchmarks page and will add the
rest when I've had a chance to try fast cgi and mod_python on the mac.


On 4/23/05, Nir Soffer <nirs at actcom.net.il> wrote:
> Apache on Mac OS X run slower then on Linux. On test I made on my G5
> running Ubuntu, CGI was much faster on Linux then on same machine
> running Mac OS X, while standalone server run in similar speed.
> You can check http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinBenchmarks for resutls
> on various machines. Most results there are from my dual G5.
> In case you need more speed, CGI is not the solution. Check FastCGI,
> Mod Python, Twisted or moin own standalone server (in that order).
> Best Regards,
> Nir Soffer

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