[Moin-user] Inlcude macro question

Ronan Watson watsonr at cs.tcd.ie
Mon Apr 25 07:08:46 EDT 2005


I'm using the Include macro. I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly but 
its not working the way I would think it should.
I have a new page and then want to include sections from another page.
[[Include(TargetInfrastructure, "Target Infrastructure", 2, from="= 
Target Infrastructure =")]]
Here I want from "Target Infrastructure" to the end of the page. I want 
the included sections at a level of 2. What happens is that only the 
first section is at level 2 and then the other sections are at their 
original level of 1. Should the include not change all sections to a 
level of 2?And if the included section is at level 2 already, that it 
should be changed to 3?

Any help would be appreciated.

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