[Moin-user] HTTP_REMOTE_USER and Moin

Stephen J. Scheck ss543 at cornell.edu
Thu Apr 28 08:20:51 EDT 2005


First of all, sorry if this has already been answered somewhere but I
didn't see any reference in the FAQ or documentation.

Our organization has a global authentication system, which can be set up
to propagate to web applications via the CGI HTTP_REMOTE_USER variable.
I want to set up MoinMoin to use this, so that if HTTP_REMOTE_USER is
set, MoinMoin automatically uses it as if a user with the same name had
logged in normally.

Is this something that can be configured or easily hacked in by someone
with no Python knowledge but knowledge of other scripting languages? If
so, could somebody kindly give me some pointers about where to begin?
Also, MoinMoin wants users to create names like "StephenScheck" but the
authentication system will use names like "ss543". Is the use of
CamelCase for login names just for aesthetics, or will names like
"ss543" cause problems?



Stephen J. Scheck                             Email: ss543 at cornell.edu
Network Administrator                         Phone: 607.255.6278
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology  www.chem.cornell.edu/crcf/

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