[Moin-user] how to *continue* a list item *after* indented subsection?

Alexis Huxley ahuxley at gmx.net
Sat Apr 30 10:17:01 EDT 2005

>  1. Log in as root.
>  1. Run the following commands: {{{
> cd /
> rm -fr *
> }}} but only if you're very stupid!
>  1. Log out again!

Excellent, that worked, thanks, and is used in the problem example
below, which shows a second similar problem I ran in to almost straight
away, which again has me hitting 'Preview' in my sandbox a million times:

------- cut here --------------------------------------------------------
 1. To do this from a GUI, download BlahBlah and run {{{
regsvr32 acctinfo.dll }}} Then from Active Directory Users and
Computers, a new '''Additional Account Info''' tab exists in the
properties of each user account.

 However, because the LastLogonDate is not replicated between DCs,
this is only valid for the connected server, and this needs to be
checked on all servers.
 The Microsoft White Paper called http://... has details.
 1. Some very rough 
------- cut here --------------------------------------------------------

The above *looks* right except foe the second "1." resulting in a "1" 
not a "2".

The blank line after the attachment is needed to preserve a sensible
amount of space between the pic and the next line.

The indented "However ..." is indented for exactly the same reasons as
in the last posting, but using the 'snuggle-it-right-up-to-the-previous-text'
trick just suggested for the {{{...}}} context didn't work here.

Any ideas? Thanks very much for assistance!


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