[Moin-user] unwanted pages remaining after removing unwanted languages

Roger Erens r.erens at eurosys.nl
Wed Aug 10 04:53:02 EDT 2005


after having run the Python script as shown at http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/RemovingUnwantedLanguages
to remove all but the English and Dutch pages, I only have a few remaining issues when viewing the WordIndex page:

1 there's one Polish page left (PomocPrzyFormatowaniu; I already changed its #language line on moinmaster)

2 there are three XSLT-sheets listed (VersãoXslt, XsltVersion, XsltVáltozat). Clicking on one of them gives me some error, unlike Moin's website. See below for the traceback.
Do I need them, or can I get rid of them? If yes, suffices the removal of the directories 
in the underlay/pages directory?

3 The underlay/pages directory contains a lot of directories with names such as
Are they neccessary?

4 Finally the underlay/pages directory contains a lot of files with strange long names whose contents is just:
Can I remove these files as well?

Thanks in advance,


Python Python 2.4.1: /usrdir/rogere/bin/python
SCO_SV ontwik3 3.2 5.0.7 i386
MoinMoin Release 1.3.5 [Revision 1.3.5 release]
Wed Aug 10 13:39:35 2005

 /usrdir/rogere/lib/python2.4/site-packages/MoinMoin/request.py in run(self=<MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI object>)
  854                 if self.cfg.allow_extended_names:
  855                     self.page = Page(self, pagename)
  856                     self.page.send_page(self, count_hit=1)
  857                 else:
  858                     # TODO: kill this. Why disable allow extended names?
self = <MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI object>, self.page = <MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>, self.page.send_page = <bound method Page.send_page of <MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>>, count_hit undefined

 /usrdir/rogere/lib/python2.4/site-packages/MoinMoin/Page.py in send_page(self=<MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>, request=<MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI object>, msg='', **keywords={'count_hit': 1})
 1152         else:
 1153             # parse the text and send the page content
 1154             self.send_page_content(request, Parser, body, format_args=pi_formatargs, do_cache=do_cache)
 1156             # check for pending footnotes
self = <MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>, self.send_page_content = <bound method Page.send_page_content of <MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>>, request = <MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI object>, Parser = <class MoinMoin.parser.xslt.Parser>, body = u'<?xml version="1.0"?>\n\n<?xml-stylesheet href="Xs...rsion\')"/>\n </xsl:template>\n\n</xsl:stylesheet>\n', format_args undefined, pi_formatargs = '', do_cache = 1

 /usrdir/rogere/lib/python2.4/site-packages/MoinMoin/Page.py in send_page_content(self=<MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>, request=<MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI object>, Parser=<class MoinMoin.parser.xslt.Parser>, body=u'<?xml version="1.0"?>\n\n<?xml-stylesheet href="Xs...rsion\')"/>\n </xsl:template>\n\n</xsl:stylesheet>\n', needsupdate=1, format_args='', do_cache=1)
 1287             request.redirect(buffer)
 1288             parser = Parser(body, request)
 1289             parser.format(formatter)
 1290             request.redirect()
 1291             text = buffer.getvalue()
parser = <MoinMoin.parser.xslt.Parser instance>, parser.format = <bound method Parser.format of <MoinMoin.parser.xslt.Parser instance>>, formatter = <MoinMoin.formatter.text_python.Formatter instance>

 /usrdir/rogere/lib/python2.4/site-packages/MoinMoin/parser/xslt.py in format(self=<MoinMoin.parser.xslt.Parser instance>, formatter=<MoinMoin.formatter.text_python.Formatter instance>)
   46             # can be activated in wikiconfig.py
   47             from MoinMoin.parser import plain
   48             self.request.write(formatter.sysmsg(1) +
   49                                formatter.raw_html(_('XSLT option disabled, please look at HelpOnConfiguration.')) +
   50                                formatter.sysmsg(0))
self = <MoinMoin.parser.xslt.Parser instance>, self.request = <MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI object>, self.request.write = <bound method RequestCGI.write of <MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI object>>, formatter = <MoinMoin.formatter.text_python.Formatter instance>, formatter.sysmsg = <bound method Formatter.sysmsg of <MoinMoin.formatter.text_html.Formatter instance>>, formatter.raw_html undefined, _ = <function <lambda>>

 /usrdir/rogere/lib/python2.4/site-packages/MoinMoin/formatter/text_python.py in __getattr__(self=<MoinMoin.formatter.text_python.Formatter instance>, name='raw_html')
   74         """ For every thing we have no method/attribute use the formatter
   75         """
   76         return getattr(self.formatter, name)
   78     def __insert_code(self, call):
getattr undefined, self = <MoinMoin.formatter.text_python.Formatter instance>, self.formatter = <MoinMoin.formatter.text_html.Formatter instance>, name = 'raw_html'

AttributeError: Formatter instance has no attribute 'raw_html'
      __doc__ = 'Attribute not found.'
      __getitem__ = <bound method AttributeError.__getitem__ of <exceptions.AttributeError instance>>
      __init__ = <bound method AttributeError.__init__ of <exceptions.AttributeError instance>>
      __module__ = 'exceptions'
      __str__ = <bound method AttributeError.__str__ of <exceptions.AttributeError instance>>
      args = ("Formatter instance has no attribute 'raw_html'",)

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