[Moin-user] What are the advantages of doing a "farm" vs. individual wikis

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Fri Aug 12 17:50:25 EDT 2005

I've set up MoinMoin using "farmconfig.py", as I'll be running a  
couple of wikis. However, as I've come close to opening up the first  
one, I've started to think that I should simply install each wiki  
"standalone", rather than under farmconfig.

Basically, I'm finding that there is a lot of stuff I want to do  
differently across wikis, and where I do need common files, it seems  
just as easy to use symbolic links to permit access to common  

Are there other benefits to using a wiki farm I should be aware of  
before I change over to standalone wikis?


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