[Moin-user] special characters in interwiki links

ms419 at freezone.co.uk ms419 at freezone.co.uk
Sat Aug 13 13:47:00 EDT 2005

On Aug 13, 2005, at 7:32 AM, Nir Soffer wrote:
> On 13 Aug, 2005, at 3:33, ms419 at freezone.co.uk wrote:
>> I'm struggling to represent interwiki links containing special
>> characters, like space or colon
> You must escape special characters, for example:
> "file name" -> "file%20name"

Thanks Nir!

That almost works -


- successfully links to the correct page!

Unfortunately it's rendered as -


- likewise -


- which is almost illegible

Does Moin offer a syntax for legible interwiki links containing special 

Thanks again Nir!


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