[Moin-user] Bugs previously targeted for 1.3.5 are not back in the unconfirmed bugs list

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Aug 17 07:33:40 EDT 2005

David Cramer (Tech Pubs) wrote:
> I noticed that some bugs, like this one, were recently removed from
> CategoryRelease1.3.5 (presumably because the release was going to happen
> without them having been fixed):
> http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinMoinBugs/TableOfContentsBrokenForIncludedPages?action=diff&rev2=8&rev1=7
> <http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinMoinBugs/TableOfContentsBrokenForIncludedPages?action=diff&rev2=8&rev1=7>

I just reorganized some stuff.

> But shouldn't they have been moved to ["CategoryRelease1.4"],

No, as there will be no 1.4 release. :)

And in general, we try now not to predict the future. So release numbers
now only will show up to refer to a version WHERE A BUG WAS SEEN or,
after fixing a bug, the patchset CONTAINING THE FIX.

Everything else is rather pointless, see those 1.4 tags...

> they're still confirmed bugs? As it is, they've falled back into the
> unconfirmed bugs list on MoinMoinBugs.

I made a new CategoryMoinMoinBugConfirmed and put it in it.

> I ask because that bug about the tocs for included pages in particular
> is a problem for us and is keeping me from upgrading one of our wikis to
> 1.3.

I took a look into that problem and found that part of the code to be
rather ugly. 8-| Long term it will get fixed by a complete rewrite of
that stuff, but I think I personally won't do a short-term fix, but
rather will be working on a more structured code base for 2.0.

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