[Moin-user] Should included pages be listed in OrphanedPages?

Anke Heinrich Anke.Heinrich at marconi.com
Thu Aug 18 13:31:33 EDT 2005


I have just upgraded to moin-1.3.5 and was checking the OrphanedPages as
this had problems in the last version.
It looks a lot better now, but there are still pages listed which I would
not expect there. These are pages that have been included by the
IncludeMacro or pages referenced by these.

Shouln'd included pages be filtered out? I admit that it can be tricky to
check these, because the IncludeMacro is an add-on module and can contain
patterns. On the other hand, the point of OrphanedPages is to find
unreferenced pages, but included pages are referenced.


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