[Moin-user] Should included pages be listed in OrphanedPages?

Anke Heinrich Anke.Heinrich at marconi.com
Fri Aug 19 01:53:25 EDT 2005

Hi Nir,

> So you suggest that orphaned page will be a page
> that no other page link to or include?
Yes, because included pages are used and not "orphaned".

> We can add the list of pages that include macro fetch
> to the page pagelinks cache. Its not that hard,
> and done once when you save the page.
Sounds good. That would do for us.
But does this also work if a matching page is added
after the page with the include macro has been saved?

Anyway, can you say if and in which version this will be implemented?
Should I enter a BugReport or a FeatureRequest?


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