[Moin-user] Unicode error from decodeUserInput when attaching non-text files (Win32)

Nir Soffer nirs at actcom.net.il
Tue Aug 23 08:23:42 EDT 2005

On 23 Aug, 2005, at 16:57, Andy Grundman wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience running Moin in a win32 environment?  
> Do I need to open up a bug on the Moin Wiki for this to be looked at?

I also does not run moin on win 32, but you should report a bug. Put 
the html of your error page on the bug page.

There is a known problem with mod python and attachment file names, 
that was solved in current 1.3 development code. But its not related to 
upload file data, which should should not be decoded or change in any 

Like Thomas suggested, the best way is to try the current code on your 

Best Regards,

Nir Soffer

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