[Moin-user] po2py to convert cz.po to cz.py

David Zejda dvid at atlas.cz
Tue Jun 14 08:16:10 EDT 2005

>> In the official Debian Sarge package there is not the czech locale, 
>> but according to http://www.jurawiki.de/MoinI18n/cz it seems, that 
>> most of the translation is done yet.
> This is a page on MoinMaster (shows up via underlay feature in some 
> wikis running on that wikifarm).
> You can try putting that page content into MoinMoin/i18n as cz.po, run 
> make cz.py and maybe edit meta.py adding a line for cz.

Thanks for a tip.
I tried, but it is still not working :(

> But maybe the easier way is waiting for 1.3.5, shouldn't be too long 
> until we release that (few weeks).

OK, i'll wait...
Will be there also a debian package compiled for sarge soon?


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