[Moin-user] Newbie (it happens) with already 3 questions ;)

Max cadmax at bluewin.ch
Fri Jun 17 11:22:42 EDT 2005

Ciao everybody,

I finally installed MMDE and played around on spare time since last 
week, but i do have just some questions i couldn't find (yet) an answer 
while reading help or Moin's mailing list messages.

Dumb questions maybe, but please be patient, i'd like to get the whole 
picture of my "DreamWiki". Thanks :)

1: I do have A LOT of html pages that i'd like to transfer in my local 
(now, online later) wiki(or wikis.. see below), and being capable to 
search their content: Any suggestion?

2: The above html pages are linking several file kinds (bitmaps, PDFs, 
TXTs, videos, etc.). Within the wiki is possible/recommended to put such 
files in ../moin/wikiname/data/page... folders? Best/tested practices?

3: I foresee the need to run more wikis (personal/office..) and push 
some friends to do the same. Is it possible to share (copy&paste?) pages 
between the wikis? WikiFarms on each location? Problems between wikis on 
different OSs (Win/MAc/Linux)?

Thanks in advance everybody!


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