[Moin-user] Statistic/Report over User Contribution?

Alexander Schatten alasan at gmx.at
Sun Jun 19 10:25:50 EDT 2005

I tested MoinMoin intensively during the last days and I have to say, 
that I am impressed about the simplicity, yet great range of features 
(e.g., the ACL).

However, there is one "feature" I would need, and I wonder if it is 
easily possible to retrieve this information:

I want to use the Wiki in teaching, so that students work together on 
writing articles about the lecture; now: as I want to use the degree of 
contribution, I would need some "report", that gives me an impression 
about the contribution of one specific user.

as I would need to search through all available pages otherwise, which 
is not really feasible with 20, 30 students or more.

Now I wonder: does anyone know a way to retrieve this kind of data?

thank you very much for all comments in advance

Alexander Schatten

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