[Moin-user] Page titles with '/'

Warren, Matthew (Retail) Matthew.Warren at Powergen.co.uk
Thu Jun 23 02:15:15 EDT 2005

Is there any way to have valid page titles that contain '/' but are not
treated like subpages?

A set of articles I am importing into the TsmWiki (tsmwiki.com/tsmwiki)
deal with /dev/ filesystems and these are also the PageTitles.

The trouble is, if I remove or switch the '/' for something else the
title then is 'unintuitive' and will be missed when being searched for -
the '/' is essential to the meaning of the title.

Related; is there a definitive list of not-allowed char's in PageName's?
I have also noticed pages named like;


show in indexes but cannot be displayed.


Computer says 'No'..

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Many thanks for that - just what I was looking for.
Will download and have a good try with it in the next few days.
thanks again,

try http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/SectionParser

Tony Finnis wrote:

>Hi All,
>I am in the process of setting up a moinmoin server for a community
>The moin installation is working correctly, however I have a question
that I 
>wish to solve when editing.
>I have looked at the help information and this list, but have been
unable to 
>find the answer. (probably looked in the wrong places)
>How do you get text to wrap-around images ?
>ie If I load an image using the 'attachment:' command, I cannot find
>get the associated text to be located on the right or left of the image
>wrap-around the image.
>Can someone please advise.
>many thanks.

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