[Moin-user] will moin-moin be adapted to my needs? (corporate wiki)

Olivier Mueller om-lists-wiki at omx.ch
Wed Mar 2 11:06:36 EST 2005


I'm currently navigating across http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiChoicetree 
trying to find the "perfect" wiki, and it seems that moinmoin is
the one: well designed, python, file upload support, simple, ACL's. 

Here is what I'd like to have: if you have a few seconds, I'd be
happy if you could tell me if it could be done with moinmoin. 
(I plan to play with moinmoin's ACL later today). 

Goal would be a kind of "corporate" wiki, with a public part
for public projects (open source), and different private parts,
for server documentation:

/Public/PublicDocument1   -> rw access for everybody
/Public/PublicDocument2   -> rw access for everybody

/Customer1   -> private, rw access for UserA, UserB, UserC
/Customer2   -> private, rw access for UserA, UserD, UserE

UserD should only be able to see the Public part and
the documents in the /Customer2 tree, and he shouldn't
even see that there is a "/Customer1" tree:  is that
possible, or would it be to unsecure?   

If necessary I could setup one standalone wiki per
customer or project, but I guess it would be nicer
with just one... :)  

About security, I'd like to use the wiki to store
some sensitive passwords (each of these "customers" have servers):
how would you do that?   I'm thinking about using 
a kind of "gpg" pad, and store only some blocks like

To get the cleartext data, the user should than copy paste
these line somewhere and give in the "secret" key (not stored on the
wiki). Does it sound ok?  Maybe there are even modules/macros for
that, I'll search... :)


 Olivier Müller - PGP key ID: 0x0E84D2EA - Switzerland 
    E-Mail: http://omx.ch/mail/ - AIM/iChat: swix3k

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