[Moin-user] will moin-moin be adapted to my needs? (corporate wiki)

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Thu Mar 3 08:22:25 EST 2005

> well designed, python, file upload support, simple, ACL's.

We try to make it even better in 1.4. :)

I see you have already got some answers concerning ACLs, so just my 

> /Public/PublicDocument1   -> rw access for everybody
> /Public/PublicDocument2   -> rw access for everybody

As long as we don't have hierarchical ACLs or sub wikis, you don't have 
an advantage by making such more or less "deep" structures - in 
contrary, toplevel pages are linked easier...

> About security, I'd like to use the wiki to store
> some sensitive passwords (each of these "customers" have servers):
> how would you do that?

In any way, please don't put them on a public wiki as cleartext, not 
even with ACL protection. :)

We try to avoid ACL bugs, but you know: shit happens...

And as long you do it via http:, wiki pages go as cleartext across the 
net. On the file system, they are also stored as cleartext.

> I'm thinking about using 
> a kind of "gpg" pad, and store only some blocks like
> "gqQXy5kJIlB4sGxJE+u0DbvPdX5U2mLFMxULL2kK0YIpOU734EywLi65XxHEKlXV
>  sOOyskZs/BjIJmWoBsOMIujUMbMYlk4UoSSLyP8zJyuRwCob41zhed2CMG3CTLXE"
> To get the cleartext data, the user should than copy paste
> these line somewhere and give in the "secret" key (not stored on the
> wiki). Does it sound ok?

Idea sounds nice. If you could do some python code for making that easy 
usable AND secure, I am sure that quite some people could use that.


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