[Moin-user] Odd authentication problem

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at dev.intechnology.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 06:22:04 EST 2005

I have a wiki used for theatre backstage administration which is
protected by an apache authentication config (it has 3rd party contact
information in it which means it has to be protected under data
protection requirements).

We have arranged that the (apache) login names for this wiki are valid
wikinames.  And since it was installed in the 1.2.x days whenever you
log in to it the wiki picks up that you are logged in as YourWikiName.

Today I found that I had a login link in the top right where I would
expect my WikiName and UserPreferences to be.  And all the pages were
immutable to me - the wiki did not think I was logged in.
My apache logs show I am authenticated.
If I tried logging in as another user the wiki still did not recognise

I had to go to the wiki login, and put in my WikiName and email address
to get moin to send me a login link before it would work again.  [We
have never entered passwords in the login page].

Nothing relevant has been updated in the last couple of weeks.  I can
only guess that I have been using an old cookie from the 1.2.x days
which ran out today.

Anyone any ideas as to why the webserver REMOTE_USER is not being picked
up?   If it makes any difference this wiki is running under mod_python
(and has been for months).

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