[Moin-user] Modifying the title with a pragma?

Karl Dubost karl at la-grange.net
Tue Mar 15 08:18:23 EST 2005

Le 15 mars 2005, à 10:30, Roger Haase a écrit :
> Changing the displayed title of the page would be confusing -- how
> would you find the page in RecentChanges, TitleIndex, FindPage? Seems
> like the unintended consequences may outweigh the benefits.

Hehe I didn't want to enter this discussion…
an Identifier (URI) is not meaningful. :) [long possible discussions on 
the topic and not necessary new]

That's good to have the camelcase to make it easy. But most of the 
times what I do is [[wiki:Something blablablabla]] to create a link. 
For many reasons, for the sake of UI, for the sake of language 
(grammar, etc), for the sake of context.

So I was just asking if it was possible to have another title than the 
default one ;) It's a personal choice. If it doesn't exist, what would 
be the appropriate way of doing it? A processor? An action?

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