[Moin-user] Non-gray free links to non-existing pages

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Thu Mar 17 06:37:08 EST 2005

 > but free link with
> spaces, created by [:Free link], to non-existing page is not gray.

Try ["Free Link"].

> I checked the HTML code and the <a/> tak does not have any "class"
> attribute, and I think it should.
> Is it a bug?

It maybe re-uses the interwiki link code. When doing interwiki one 
usually can not determine if the page exists, as usually it would be in 
a remote wiki. Of course one could special-case that for Self:, but this 
is maybe simply not done yet. Maybe can be done in 1.4 when we plan to 
refactor the linking code anyway.

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