[Moin-user] readonly page?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Mar 17 06:56:23 EST 2005

> I have to admit that I'm still using Moin Release 1.1 [Revision 1.173]
> for my wiki, and don't have time to upgrade.

Upgrading to 1.2.4 should be quite easy. We can give you a helping hand 
if you are on #moin irc channel while doing it.

Admittedly, upgrading to 1.3.4 takes quite more time (but when you have 
that time some day, doing an upgrade to 1.2.4 first is recommended).

> Since I changed the config to only allow editing of pages when logged
> in, link spam has greatly been reduced. The only page that's spammed
> from time to time is the UserPreferences page itself - is there a way to
> make this page readonly (or wouldn't that help?).

You can put read-only ACLs on UserPreferences, too. Just don't remove 
read rights or nobody will be able to log in. X-)

BUT: that doesn't help against those spammers creating new pages like 
UserPreferences#preview (odd, but I have seen that often).

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