[Moin-user] linking schemes in 1.4

Thomas Werschlein thomas.werschlein at netcetera.ch
Tue May 3 12:40:21 EDT 2005

Dear all,

We are planning a rather big MoinMoin rollout here (Intranet use) and
as I've seen at various places, that the linking schemes are to be
revised for MoinMoin 1.4.

At the moment the various schemes are quite disturbing for new users
and I would like to propagate an easy scheme that survives 1.4.

Personally I think the InterWiki scheme would be easiest to
use. Mainly because it can handle most (all?) cases in an almost
consistent manner (consistency defined in terms of my "stupid approach
to linking" - don't want to say that it is _really_ inconsistent)
# frequently used
[:LinkToWikiNamedPage: with some other link text]
[:free link page]
[:free link page: with some other link text]

# seldom used - the wiki prefix is ok
[wiki:RFC/1234 your own label]
# actually this would be really nice, but does not work currently
[wiki:RFC/1234:your own label]

if the last link would work, a simplistic rule for linking could be:
- use a colon to start a link, optionally prefixed by a linking scheme
- use a second colon to separate the link label from the actual link

Another problem right now is, that the question mark 
is not displayed for "self" pages (I know, this will not be done in

Is it sensible to propagate InterWiki style linking for IntraWiki
linking? Or would it be a terrible misuse? What is the "preferred"
linking scheme in 1.4?

Any pointers to ressources regarding this issue or your own view about
this are greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot, regards

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