[Moin-user] Feature-Request: Edit sections

Oliver Kopp olly at flupp.de
Sat May 7 11:43:34 EDT 2005


I am going to handle my public bookmarks with moinmoin. It's IMHO more
conveniant and more portable than any other tool. (del.icio.us is cool, but
it doesn't support hierarchies)

My bookmarks are a large collection. And it's very unconveniant if I want to
add a bookmark that I have to search for it in the wiki-source.

I read the thread "How to edit just one section, a la wikipedia?", but
subpages are no solution, because finding and selecting a bookmarks takes
more time then.

Are there any plans to implement that?
For me, a global-page locking would be sufficient. I don't need the feature
allowing multiple users to edit different sections of a page at the same time.



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