[Moin-user] File permissions on MoinMoin automatically set to www:www

Yusuf Abdulghani yusuf at apple.com
Mon May 9 09:33:37 EDT 2005


I have installed a wiki on one of the sites where I do not have admin  
access. The site runs BSD unix and I am using apache configuration to  
run MoinMoin.

When I installed MoinMoin, I had set up the file permissions to  
<user>:www in order for MoinMoin to work correctly. I noticed  
however, that all the files that MoinMoin generates (error.log, event- 
log, all the files in "user" directory, etc.) are owned by www:www.  
This does not allow me to either view/edit/delete any of these  
generated files. Is there a way in MoinMoin so that I can tell it to  
generate files that are NOT owned by www:www but rather owned by  
<user>:www (or something else) so that I can edit/view these files.



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