[Moin-user] File permissions on MoinMoin automatically set to www:www

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed May 11 11:22:11 EDT 2005

> When I installed MoinMoin, I had set up the file permissions to  
> <user>:www in order for MoinMoin to work correctly. I noticed  however, 
> that all the files that MoinMoin generates (error.log, event- log, all 
> the files in "user" directory, etc.) are owned by www:www.  This does 
> not allow me to either view/edit/delete any of these  generated files. 
> Is there a way in MoinMoin so that I can tell it to  generate files that 
> are NOT owned by www:www but rather owned by  <user>:www (or something 
> else) so that I can edit/view these files.

Maybe the solution is working the other way: www:<mygroup>

And if you just have the directories having group mygroup and sgid bit 
set, all files created there will also belong to mygroup.

Or have apache run CGIs under your user and group.

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