[Moin-user] Links to files on hard drive do not work

H.Lekin h.lekin at gmx.net
Fri May 13 03:14:35 EDT 2005

Clicking a link to a local file, e.g.
[file://D:/work/project/start.html], leads to nothing at all. Such links
appear in color, cursor changes on mouse over and correct info is shown
in the status bar. The relevant part of the page source looks OK: '<a
class="external" href="file://D:/work/project/start.html"><img
src="/wiki/modern/img/moin-www.png" alt="[WWW]" height="11" width="11">
file://D:/work/project/start.html</a>'. Bookmarking the link location
and calling it via bookmark works fine.

I am running Moin1.3.4 with stand-alone server on Windows XP SP2. Apart
from the external links everything works. moin.py and wikiconfig.py are
just edited acc. to my setup and instance location; nothing further is
added. The problem occurs in both Mozilla and Internet Explorer.

That's all I can say. What is wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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